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“Dancers” on 100-meter-high power lines in central Yunnan

It is terrifying for most us to walk on lines of 100 meters high, even when we watch someone do it. But for Zhu Yuehui and his colleagues, who are electric workers, walking on power lines is their daily routine. ...


Sericulture, vegetable planting change Xinzhai village in SE Yunnan

So far, the number of poor population in Xinzhai village has decreased to 85 from 1,273 in 2014, with seven indexes meeting the criteria for the village’s removal from the impoverished list. ...


Stunning aerial view of salt pans in Tibet

Making salt by evaporating brine in the sun dates back to the Tang Dynasty(618-907 AD) along the Lancang River in Mangkam County, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. ...


Three Parallel Rivers lie deep in Shangri-La

Rainy season in Shangri-La falls from June to September each year. When the mist fades away after the rain, the dark green forest is succeeded by the reign of the primrose....


Tengchong: A culture town near scenic Mt. Gaoligong

The Gaoligong Mountain forms a demarcation line between the Euro-Asian continent and the Indian ocean, impressing worldwide visitors with its supreme scenic beauty. ...


Villagers sow highland barley seeds in fields with agricultural machinery in Lhasa, Tibet

Photo taken on April 22, 2020 shows highland barley seeds which villagers are sowing in the fields in Chabalang Village of Quxu County in Lhasa, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. ...


Ethnic villagers lifted out of poverty by protecting nature

Since the poverty alleviation program implemented years ago, new bridges and highways have been built, causing reclusive ethnic villagers to gradually adapt to a new way of living....


In pics: Tea planting enriches farmers in Ning'er County

Pictures taken on April 6 show farmers pick tea leaves in the Wenquan village of Ning'er Hani and Yi Autonomous County, southwest Yunnan’s Pu'er City....


Red-soil land presents dazzling colors in Dongchuan

Recent online photos show the dazzling landscapes in central Yunnan’s Dongchuan District, which impresses audience with pieces of red-soil land decorated by green crops, gray roads, and white villages....


Cranes at Dashanbao fly back to northern prairie for breeding

The number of the Black-necked cranes that wintered at the Dashanbao nature reserve in northeast Yunnan was calculated at 384 on March 25 by local conservationists....


Zhao Ping, an elephant tracker in south Yunnan

​Zhao Ping and his colleagues have been "chasing" a group of naughty giants these days as a herd of 14 wild Asian elephants are roaming around Menghai County, southwest China's Yunnan Province....


Morels grown in Shangri-La to relive poverty

More than 20 greenhouses are set up in Shangjiang Town, northwest Yunnan’s Shangri-La City, where workers are busy with harvesting the morel mushrooms these days. ...


Impoverished people welcome brand-new life

Harsh mountainous environment here has severely restricted local people's economic activities and caused some of them poor. ...


The arrival of spring deep in the valley

Dali Cangshan UNESCO Geopark in southwest China's Yunnan Province has begun to welcome another spring vibes as shades of green sweep across the mountains....


Spring in the depths of Yunnan's Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

During spring, nature stirs into activity, including flowers that burst into blossom despite the still-chilly weather of their mountainous habitat. ...


Lapwings appear in SW Yunnan in droves

Droves of grey-headed lapwings appeared in the pastoral county of Changning in southwest Yunnan’s Baoshan City, breaking the spring silence with their chirms and agile flights....


Rape blossom attracts first swarm of tourists of spring

February is the time in a year when tens of thousands of rapeseeds in Tanglangchuan, central Yunnan province's Anning city, begin to blossom. ...


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