Chinese New Year Shopping Market bustling in Shangri-la ,Diqing
People shop for the upcoming Spring Festival at a market in Shangri-la city of Diqing,Yunnan Province. Local people select lanterns,traditional snacks, couplets, variety of decorationsfor the upcoming Spring Festival at the shopping market.
The Lijiang to Shangri-la Railway Will Open in 2023
The Lijiang to Shangri-la railway is motor train line with a distance of 139.7 kilometers.It settled 13 stop stations in whole line including Lashihai,xiaozhongdian,Shangri-la station.
Photos from across Diqing
Guozhuang Dance of Jiantang
Photos from across Diqing
Xi's remarks on rural vitalization
Welcome to Shageri-La|The tour around the lake is one of the most popular Tours for tourists at Napa Lake Black-necked Crane at Napa Lake Autumn view of Wudi Lake
The circle tour of Napa Lake is one of the most popular Tours for tourists. The Napa lake is the provincial nature reserve of Yunnan ,located at west of Shangri-la City in Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Province. Wudi Lake is located at Langdu village of Gezan Township in Shangri-la City.Let's enjoy the autumn time of highland lake through the following video and pictures.
Climbers Challenge Haba Snowmountain Wo Di Lake:a new discovered lake Blueberries attract Tourists in Xiaozhongdian
Haba Snow mountain,located at Sanba Township of Shangri-la city's southeast in Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture,attracted lots of tourists to climbing during this national day holiday.The climb season is from November to Feburuary in next year,and the best climbed season are November and december as the lower wind force than other month. Wodi Lake, located in the center area of Dilong snowmountian which is one of the seven snowmountains in Shangri-la,Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture.Dilong Snowmountian is located at Wengshui village of Gezan township with 100 kilometers distance from Shangri-la City. Citizens are picking ripe blueberries at the Rulin Blueberry base in Lianhe village of Xiaozhongdian Township in Shangri-la City on 29th August,2022.
China to open wider to the world: Xi Xi Jinping leads CPC leadership in meeting the press Autumn view of Baima Snowmountain
24 solar terms:Winter Solstice 24 Solar terms:Frost's Descent 24 Solar Terms:Cold Dew
The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into , the 22nd solar term of the year, begins this year on Dec 22 and ends on Jan 5. The Frost's Descent is 18th of traditional 24 solar terms,begins on Oct 23 and ends on Nov 08. The traditional Chinese solar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms.The Cold Dew is 17th of 24 solar terms,begins on Oct 8 and ends on Oct 22.At this time, temperatures are lower than during White Dew in most areas of China.
24 Solar Terms:Autumn Equinox Guozhuang Dance of Jiantang 24 Solar Terms: 6 things you may not know about Minor Heat
The Autumn Equinox is 16th of traditional 24 solar terms,begins on Sep 23 and ends on Oct 10. Guozhuang dance is one of the traditional tibetan dance of Jiantang town which performs by local women and men during festivals or wedding day.It is also an important platform and inheritance form of Tibetan culture,which called "living fossil" of Tibetan folk dances and sings. The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms. Minor Heat, (Chinese: 小暑), the 11th solar term of the year, begins on July 7 this year and ends on July 22.
The Beautiful Diqing plateau
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