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Autumn in Shangri-la

Autumn in Shangri-la Just like a romantic Movie. The best autumn views are hidden anywhere In Diqing . Colorful leaves,winter peaches,Persimmon... A video from the highland Autumn to you....


World Heritage Sites in China: Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan Protected Areas

The Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan Protected Areas features sections of the upper reaches of three rivers in China -- the Jinsha, Lancang and Nujiang rivers running roughly parallel. It was listed as a UNESCO world heritage site in 2003....


Baima Impression

Baima Snow Mountain is located in the core region of the "Three Parallel River " of World Natural Heritage Site in Diqing ,Yunnan province. It is the national natural reserve of yunnan golden monkey and its habitat as the main protection object....


Tourism helps shake off poverty in China's ancient village

Tourism has become a popular business for villagers of Azheke in southwest China's Yunnan Province. The influx of visitors has helped the villagers shake off poverty and preserve their traditional ethnic culture at the same time....


Meeting Deqen at Highland

Deqen is located at northwest of Yunnan province with unique natural and cutural landscapes....


View of Lhamo Yangtso Lake

Lhamo Yangtso Lake is located at the Songtsam Monestary Scenic area that is the biggest buddhist temple in Yunnan province....


Yu Xiaode and his monkey friends in Diqing prefecture

For the tourists to the national park of Yunnan snub-nosed monkeys in Shangri-La of Diqing prefecture, every moment of Yu Xiaode and his fellow-rangers feeding the lovely animals are not to be missed....


Greenhouse planting helps Tibetans shake off poverty

Years ago, severe geographical conditions and inconvenient transport made vegetables expensive in Banbar County, SW China's Tibet. However, greenhouse planting has benefitted locals by supplying fruits and vegetables and bringing better-off life....


Birthday party held for panda Maozhu in Yunnan

Maozhu, a giant panda that has lived in the Yunnan Wildlife Park for four years, had its 6th birthday party on July 26, an occasion marking its maturity. The panda was brought to Kunming from Chengdu, Sichuan province in 2016....


Tibetans embrace new life on snowy plateau in Yunnan

This Tibetan prefecture in a snowy plateau of Yunnan, China used to suffer from abject poverty. Decades later, the once impoverished region has taken on a new look....


Sunrise over snowy mountains in Diqing

Awe-inspiring scenes of sunrise over snowy mountains, with the sun and moon shining together evoked many cheers from visitors on Meili Snow Mountain ....


Beautiful snowscape seen in Shangri-La City

Video and pictures taken by local reporters on Feb. 27 show the beautiful snowscapes in Shangri-La City, northwest Yunnan’s Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. ...


Tibet: Stargazing on "roof of the world"

Tibet: Stargazing on "roof of the world"...


A good view of Shangri-La in early winter

Do you have the lust to hike through the Pudacuo National Park, where your long-locked outdoor outfit is needed for a camping? ...


Scenery of Diqing prefecture in early winter

A recent Xinhua video shows the amazing scenery of Diqing prefecture in late autumn and early winter....


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