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Hometown of Tibetan highland barley wine: Chamchen Village

Highland barley wine is an indispensable drink for Tibetans, and it is also top grade for celebrating festivals and entertaining guests. If you want to experience the Tibetan highland barley wine culture, you must go to Chamchen Village! This is Tibet’s “hometown of wine”, located in the Chongye River Valley, on the south bank of the middle reaches of the Yarlung Tsangpo River....


Yi People Celebrating the Torch Festival at Shangri-la

The Torch Festival is the most important event to the Yi People.They are celebrating the Torch Festival by different forms at Hongqi village,Tigerleaping gorge Town of Shangri-la on 30th July....


Learning Thangkas to Preserve the Tibetan Cultural Heritage

In Shangri-La city of Yunnan province, India-born Chinese Dakpa Kelden, who used to be a buddhist monk and studied tourism management in Australia, is the main founder of the Thangka Center and the Shangri-La association of cultural preservation of Shangri-La county....


A village in Yunnan blossoms with art

The idea of making Guanzhong a village of murals hit Sun Haiping in 2017, when a renovation project was going on there. Located in the Dongchuan district of Kunming, Yunnan province, Guanzhong village is about 145 kilometers from downtown Kunming....


Costume Culture of Diqin">Costume Culture of Diqin

There are many different ethnic minorities living in the Diqing Plateau,such as Tibetan,Lisu ,Yi,Naxi people and so on.Therefore, costume culture is flourishing and special. Recently, Costume Show in Honghe ,yunnan province. ...


Tibetan incense, a popular industry in Nyemo, Tibet

Tibetan incense is a kind of incense with Tibetan characteristics. It is made from more than 30 kinds of precious natural medicinal materials, such as sandalwood, agarwood, saffron, and musk. Because of its pleasant aroma and its ability to prevent diseases, refresh the brain, and enhance immunity, the incense is favored by more and more modern urbanites....


Hand-woven products help improve livelihoods of Wa ethnic group

​In recent years, the local government of Wa Autonomous County of Ximeng has been enhancing the protection of local intangible cultural heritage and helping people of Wa ethnic group preserve and inherit their ancient cultures and traditions. ...


Red pepper paste: Key to Zhanyi spicy chicken

The Zhanyi spicy chicken is a dish originating in Zhanyi District, east Yunnan’s Qujing City. With a history of nearly 100 years, the dish is famous for its fine ingredients, intricate cooking procedures and pleasantly spicy taste....


Mu Rui restores relics in Yunnan museum

So far, Mu has worked in the Yunnan museum for 37 years, becoming an authority in the field of relic restoration. She repaired a diversity of relics, involving bronze ware, stone vessels, pottery, jades, horns, carpentry, bamboo ware, and textiles. ...


Qi Baishi's great-grandson and his paintings

Born in 1948, Qi Tianshan is one of the great-grandsons of Qi Baishi (1864-1957), the ink-brush master artist of modern China. For decades, Qi Tianshan has endeavored to pass on the style of his great-grandfather. ...


8-element rice, sweet Yunnan snack you cannot miss

The 8-element rice, or literally eight-treasure rice, is a favored dessert dish in Yunnan, visible at weddings and funerals, in common restaurants, or even sold as a snack at roadside stalls....


Lahu villagers blaze a path of cultural development

Laodabao is a small village tucked away in Lancang county, Pu'er city of southwest China's Yunnan province. The villagers are mostly belonging to the Lahu ethic group....


Saving food also forms an international trend

While enjoying our daily meals, we should always be reminded of the efforts by those behind the foods and the grace by Mother nature. ...


Joss sticks light a brighter future for Tibetans

Melmo, 20, and her co-workers lit Tibetan joss sticks inside a workshop in Rantang county, Sichuan province, to test their handiwork and soon the air was thick with incense....


Guozhuang dance lights up Tibetan festivities

The Guozhuang dance is a favorite collective bonfire dance for Tibetans, allowing them to show respect and reverence for nature....


Ethnic Bai handicraft in vogue with innovation

"Buza," a traditional handicraft of China's Bai ethnic group and often associated with mystic beliefs, has gained a new prominence among locals due to its modern attributes....


Wei Jian: Yunnan railway relics remind me of Musée d’Orsay

The French museum was converted from the Orly railway station, which was especially built for the world's fair in 1900. The French government turned the Orsay station into a museum in 1986. ...


Yunnan ethnic tradition kept alive: Lahu people's weaving

Yunnan Province in southwest China boasts spectacular natural landscapes, biodiversity and diverse ethnic groups. Among China's 56 recognized ethnic groups, 25 are in Yunnan....


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