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China to deepen financial opening-up, strengthen financial services for real economy

BEIJING, July 21 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Wednesday heard a report on advancing financial opening-up at a State Council executive meeting, where he also chaired discussions on work related to greater financial openness and stronger financial services in boosting the real economy...


Sinopharm vaccine approved to treat children, teenagers

Sinopharm's COVID-19 vaccine has been approved for emergency use for young people ages 3 to 17, after early and midstage clinical trials showed it is safe and can elicit strong immune responses in the age group, the company said in a recent statement....


Maintenance workers examine bullet train in Kunming, Yunnan

​Maintenance workers check a bullet train in Kunming, southwest China's Yunnan Province, July 20, 2021. In the ongoing summer holiday travel season, China Railway Kunming Bureau Group Co., Ltd. has carried out train maintenance work on a daily basis to ensure safety....


Xi stresses prioritizing safety of people's lives, property in flood prevention, control

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday demanded that authorities at all levels must give top priority to ensuring the safety of people's lives and property, and carefully and strictly implement the flood prevention and disaster relief measures....


China's role in promoting peace hailed

President Xi Jinping has helped dismiss lingering allegations hyping the "China threat" and offered a Chinese solution to boost global growth amid the COVID-19 pandemic, as he stressed in recent speeches that China never seeks hegemony and is always dedicated to cooperation, analysts said....


Xi's speech at APEC meeting hailed globally

China to provide more support centering on economic recovery in developing countries....


Xi's speech at CPC centenary ceremony published in English

BEIJING - A speech by Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, at a grand ceremony marking the centenary of the CPC has been published in English by the Central Compilation and Translation Press....


Xi Focus: Ensuring grain security for Chinese people's 'rice bowl'



Xi Focus: Advancing people's democracy in China



Xinhua Commentary: China's high-quality development means more opportunities to world">Xinhua Commentary: China's high-quality development means more opportunities to world

In its pursuit of quality economic development, China has been committed to working with the rest of the world for a more open and free global economy by promoting trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, and creating a more attractive business environment, so as to bring more cooperation opportunities to others and give further impetus to global growth....


Settled in NW Yunnan, designer turns trash into treasure

It was a fine day. The noon sunlight was shining on the roof of the Adan Creative Furniture Plant, which is located in Lashi Town of Yulong County, northwest Yunnan’s Lijiang. ...


Online expo held in Kunming, highlighting smart tourism

The Everlasting China-South Asia Online Expo, or online expo, was launched in Kunming, Yunnan province on December 12. Lasting for seven days, the online expo was attended by over 10,000 businesses from 100 plus countries and regions. ...


Shigatse, Tibet, marks 5 years of success

Shigatse, the second-largest city in the Tibet autonomous region, has made fruitful achievements in socioeconomic development during the 13th Five-Year-Plan (2016-20) period, authorities said on Thursday....


Xi Jinping Thought on Diplomacy guides China's actions as responsible country amid pandemic

In the special year of 2020 shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic, China has fulfilled its responsibilities as a major country in the world while safeguarding its national interests and dignity....


Teacher pitches in for Tibetan music students

Only a year after receiving their first music lessons, 16 teenagers from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau gave their first concert at a theater in Shanghai recently....


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