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In pics: Kunming builds first ring-shaped flyover

A ring-shaped flyover was built up and put into use in downtown Kunming, Yunnan province recently. It is the first of its kind in the spring city....


Xi calls for unremitting self-reform efforts

He highlighted the importance of preventing all dangers that go against the Party's original aspiration and missions and rock its foundations....


Ancient copper smelting ruins discovered in Yunnan

Archaeologists discovered a group of copper smelting ruins dating from the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 B.C.) to the Warring States Period (475-221 B.C.) in southwest China's Yunnan Province....


Villagers weave threads for better lives

In a narrow workshop built outside rows of neatly arranged two-story villas, Phuntsok Tsering was offering guidance to villagers learning Tibetan embroidery....


Kunming holds Orienteering Challenge for healthy lifestyle

As a popular urban activity, City Orienteering Challenge encourages participants to take outdoor exercise and enhance team spirit during the event....


China launches new communication satellite

The satellite has entered the preset orbit. It will be used in communication, radio, television and data transmission, as well as high throughput technology test....


Xi urges BRI efforts with Kiribati

President Xi Jinping called for joint efforts with the Pacific island nation of Kiribati to build the Belt and Road and expand practical cooperation on Monday....


Yangtze protection efforts bear fruit

As the weather turned cold, most plants near Xiliang Lake withered. Little green remained around the fog-shrouded body of water in Xianning, Hubei province, in the Yangtze River Basin....


Xi signs order for military training

President Xi Jinping ordered the Chinese military on Thursday to further strengthen its combat training and exercises this year....


Companies help over 82,000 poor people in Tibet

Tibet has launched a campaign this year to encourage local companies to pair with poverty-stricken villages to offer jobs, skill training or funds for local residents....


First section of Shangri-La - Lijiang highway completed

The motorway between Shangri-La and Xiao Zhongdian in northwestern Yunnan province was completed in the morning of today, December 31....


Nujiang River Rail Bridge completed in Yunnan

The main body of the Nujiang River Rail Bridge has been completed on Dec 30, 2019. The rail bridge has the world's longest truss arch, measuring 490 meters....


Beijing adds area for self-driving vehicle tests with passengers

Beijing added a new 40 sq km area for testing self-driving vehicles with passengers, as the capital pushes for further application of the technology....


Huichang county shows way to win poverty battle

In an ancestral hall in Xiaying, a village in Jiangxi province, Wang Shengdi, 83, and Li Fengying, 81, blew out the candles on a cake together to celebrate their December birthdays....


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