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China's first homemade polar icebreaker delivered

China's first domestically built polar icebreaker "Xuelong 2," or "Snow Dragon 2," was delivered on Thursday in Shanghai, according to the Ministry of Natural Resources....


Int'l stone expo kicks off in Kunming

More than 2,800 booths and seven exhibition halls have been set up in a 65,000 square meter area. Over 50 forums and lectures on jewelry, design, the gemstone industry and advanced technology will be held during the expo....


Labor of love to keep heroic legend alive

The epic of King Gesar is fading as an oral tradition, but Jampel Gyatso is determined to preserve it in text, as a "treasure of humanity"....


Nepalese billionaire holds jubilee celebration in Kunming

Moti Lal Dugar, a 72-year-old Nepalese billionaire, celebrated the 50th wedding anniversary with his wife at a resort hotel in town....


Int'l workshop held to enhance cooperation on Third Pole environment study

Recent studies have found rapidly rising temperatures, accelerated glacier melting and imbalanced water storage in the region, affecting livelihoods of millions of people....


800 Diqing volunteers to provide free medical services

They are there to give free clinics, and hold lectures on medical care and disease prevention in villages and towns of Shangri-La city, in the Weixi Lisu autonomous county and Dechen county....


Xi stresses cultural heritage importance

During a visit to Chifeng Museum on Monday, Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, watched a live performance of the heroic epic King Gesar....


Flower business in Yunnan to embrace new techs

The 20th Kunming International Flower Expo of China (KIFE) is scheduled to be held in Kunming, Yunnan province between July 12 and 14....


Tibetan district targets rural tourism to benefit villagers

Dagze district in Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region plans to benefit more rural villagers by promoting tourism in the village....


Chinese, U.S. chief trade negotiators hold phone talks

Chinese Vice Premier Liu He, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin held phone talks on Tuesday....


Qinghai-Tibet Plateau plays key role in enhancing monsoon

Chinese researchers have discovered that the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau plays an essential role in enhancing the East Asian summer monsoon (EASM) circulation under global warming....


President Xi inspects Inner Mongolia

Later, he visited the Chifeng Museum, where he was briefed on the evolution of local history and culture of the city and talked with the inheritors of the epic of King Gesar....


China counts Yunnan golden hair monkeys amount

Chinese researchers have been extracting and monitoring the DNA from more than 3,000 fecal samples of the black-and-white snub-nosed monkeys....


Tourism helps Shangri-La shake off poverty

Yunnan province’s Shangri-La city has long lured travelers from home and abroad, who seek to discover the paradisiacal place described in British author James Hilton’s 1933 novel, Lost Horizon....


China opens more sectors to foreign investment with new negative lists

China on Sunday rolled out revised negative lists for foreign investment market access, introducing greater opening-up and allowing foreign investors....


Construction of Yuxi-Mohan railway in full swing

Recent aerial photos show the construction of Yuxi-Mohan railway, which makes an essential part of the China-Laos railway, is in full swing in the south of Yunnan province. ...


Tourism fires up Tibetan incense production

Sonam Norbu, a Thonba villager involved in the incense production business, said making the product is a family tradition and a main source of income for his family....


Indoor safari park debuts in Kunming

My Zoo, the first ever animal and pet theme park in Kunming, Yunnan province, was opened in the northeast of the city on June 29. ...


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