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E-commerce helps Yunnan products “go global”

Recently a symposium held recently in Kunming, the provincial capital, discussed how to utilize e-commerce platform to promote Yunnan featured products....


Shangri-La to host cross country race

The 2019 Tiger Leaping Gorge & Haba Snow Mountain Cross Country Running Competition will be held in Shangri-La city in China's southwest Yunnan province on October 27....


Parade to show upgraded military

The coming National Day parade will demonstrate the latest developments in the Chinese military's efforts to strengthen its joint operational capability, according to parade organizers....


Xi hails transformation over 70 years

President Xi Jinping called on the entire nation to make joint efforts in successfully building socialism with Chinese characteristics....


Lurong Jichen and his supply station at Mt. Meili

Seeing the lack of supply for pilgrims and tourists in some parts of the Meili Snow Mountain, Lurong raised money and set up a service station in 2015....


Diqing leading Tibetan autonomous prefectures in development

It is early autumn. The village of Shimaigu in Shangri-La City of northwest Yunnan’s Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture is a verdant green....


Tibet leaders report on development

Wu Yingjie (center), Communist Party of China chief of the Tibet autonomous region, and Qizhala (right), chairman of the regional government, address media at a State Council Information Office news conference held Sept 12, 2019. ...


Belt and Road bearing fruit around globe

When President Xi Jinping visited the Smederevo steel plant in Serbia in June 2016, he received a warm welcome from the workers, who held up large portraits of him in greeting....


Diqing: a multi-ethnic garden with harmony and prosperity

For a long time, the ethnic groups in northwest Yunnan’s Diqing prefecture have been kind to each other, creating diverse ethnic cultures....


Xi urges manufacturing upgrades

President Xi Jinping has underlined the importance of developing the real economy through bolstering manufacturing to enhance high-quality economic growth....


Yunnan becomes the flower kingdom

In Southwest China's Yunnan Province, the flower industry has become for local economic development and the wellbeing of the people. ...


Tibetan villagers celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival, one of China's major traditional festivals and a time for family reunions, falls Friday, Sept 13 this year....


China's 11th Ethnic Games opens in Zhengzhou

"The Ethnic Games provides a platform for everybody to understand different cultures," athlete representative Yang Wenwu from southwest China's Yunnan Province said....


18,396 in Shangri-La covered by medical insurance

All of the poverty-stricken population of 18,396 in Shangri-La City, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, has been covered by medical insurance. ...


Xi calls for better rural facilities, cleaner homes

President Xi Jinping stressed the significance of rural revitalization during his inspection tour in Henan province, and he called on locals to strive to build cleaner, more beautiful homes....


Radio and TV signals cover 99.8% of rural Shangri-La

Now 99.8% of the poverty-stricken villages in Shangri-La are covered by radio and television signals....


Bullfight festival held in China's Tibet

Yaks fight during a bullfighting festival in Zhexia Township of Bainang County in Xigaze City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, Sept. 9, 2019. ...


70 years on, Diqing achieves leapfrog development

In recent years, Diqing has maintained an average GDP growth of 16.4%, standing out among the 16 prefectures/cities in Yunnan and the 10 Tibetan autonomous prefectures in west China....


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