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Experts: Xi's call sets right tone for battle

The virtual summit, the first of its kind in the history of the G20, is the first major multilateral event Xi participated in since the start of the outbreak. ...


G20 should enhance policies to stave off recession: Xi

Members of the G20 should enhance their coordination in macroeconomic policies to prevent a global recession resulting from the novel coronavirus outbreak, President Xi Jinping said on Thursday....


Wuhan offers heartfelt farewell to Yunnan medics

Medics from Southwest China's Yunnan province wave goodbye as they leave for home after tending those affected by novel coronavirus in Wuhan, Central China's Hubei province, on March 22, 2020. ...


President continues with busy diplomatic agenda

President Xi Jinping said on Wednesday that China is willing to bolster coordination and cooperation with all other nations....


Joint patrol starts on Yunnan section, Mekong River

The 91st Mekong River joint patrol led by China, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand began Tuesday, as three Chinese vessels left the Guanlei Port in southwest China's Yunnan Province....


Tibet issues subsidies for innovative companies

Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region has issued 5.43 million yuan (765,300 U.S. dollars) to over 90 companies deemed as innovative, according to the regional financial department....


Virus fight adds urgency to building global community

President Xi Jinping said Tuesday night that in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic the urgency and significance of building a community with a shared future for mankind have become even greater....


Kunming reopens more public facilities

Following its recent restoration of eat-in service at restaurants, Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan province, reopened some other public places like parks, museums, scenic areas and gyms....


Planting begins with arrival of springtime weather

As temperatures in most parts of China quickly rise, spring agricultural activities are kicking off in many regions....


Building of power grid project for China-Laos railway in full swing

The NO.1 tower bases at all four bidding sections for the power-supply project along China-Laos railway were simultaneously cemented on March 18....


Soilless farming bears fruit in border province Yunnan

Gu just started her first year of spring plowing at the vegetable base in Luliang County in southwest China's Yunnan Province. The county abounds with grains, vegetables and flowers....


205 Yunnan medics are back home from Wuhan

205 Yunnan medical workers fly back to Kunming from Wuhan, Hubei province on March 18 as the COVID-19 outbreak has subdued in the hard-hit province....


China offers global help in combating COVID-19

President Xi Jinping spoke over phone on Monday night with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, French President Emmanuel Macron and Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi....


Wang Zhaorong’s life-long career as a crane protector

I’ll devote my whole life to protecting black-necked cranes. They and my wife are like the two wings of my life. Without any one of them, I won’t fly high....


Mother to 22 orphans sees her brood flourish

Born in Shigatse, a city in the Tibet autonomous region close to Nepal, Bhutan and India, she said she learned her mothering skills "on the job"....


Farmers work in field in Shangri-La, NW Yunnan

Farmers film mulch on field in Jiefang Village of Shangri-La City in Deqen Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, northwest Yunnan Province, March 11, 2020....


Yunnan village girl opens embroidery plants to battle poverty

Hou Youlin is a 26-year-old girl from Xindian Village in east Yunnan’s Fuyuan County. She used to be a migrant embroiderer in Zhejiang for two years....


Spring ploughing ceremonies take place in Tibet

Traditional spring ploughing ceremonies took place in Tibet's major cultivation areas on Monday to pray for a year with good harvests....


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