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Virus testing along border to get a boost

The group's decision came as Heilongjiang province reported 33 new imported COVID-19 cases over the weekend, all Chinese nationals returning from Russia....


DNA study: hanging-coffin buriers in NE Yunnan are Baiyue people

The internationally famed journal iScience recently published a DNA study entitled “A Matrilineal Genetic Perspective of Hanging Coffin Custom in Southern China and Northern Thailand.”...


Finding hope through hoops

"I survived the earthquake, but never had I ever thought that my life would be turned upside down a year later because of a car accident," said Punco....


Yunnan prepares for uptick in COVID-19

Yunnan has 45 medical teams, staffed by more than 3,100 experts and medical personnel, to support border prefectures and counties. ...


More policies announced to boost economy

China's top-level policymakers held a meeting on Friday in which they said the country will use stronger macro policy tools to cushion the economic fallout. ...


Tibet sees remarkable increase in wild animals

The forestry authorities of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region said they have seen significant growth of the wildlife population due to their continuous protection efforts....


Bee-eaters reappear in Baoshan, SW Yunnan

Feathers under its wings are orange-yellow. Under the sunlight, the bird is shining with luster. Breeding from April to June, the blue-tailed bee-eaters are called a most beautiful bird by Chinese photographers....


Yunnan to begin reopening schools from April 20

Middle schools and secondary vocational schools can resume classes from April 20, according to a notice released by the provincial bureau of education....


Regional cooperation vital for virus response

The novel coronavirus pandemic could help China and neighboring countries step up nontraditional security cooperation for a stronger community with a shared future....


Int'l students: Hand-washing, staying indoors essential to Covid-19 prevention

First, I mostly stayed indoors. When I had to go out, I wore masks, goggles and gloves. Disinfectant and alcohol were placed at the door to sterilize myself and everything I got....


Diqing scenic areas resume service, receiving 352 tourists Monday

Major scenic areas in Northwest Yunnan’s Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture resumed service on March 16, receiving 352 tourists orderly that day....


E-commerce booms in Tibet's pastoral areas

Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region has been making efforts to boost e-commerce in its agricultural and pastoral areas, according to the local poverty alleviation office....


Creating a new life in Diqing, northwest Yunnan

Thanks to poverty-alleviation measures in recent years, an increasing number of the poor people in the Tibetan area have been raised out of poverty....


Tibet leads China in income growth rate in 2019

Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region saw robust growth in residents' incomes last year, the regional statistics bureau said Wednesday....


Yunnan medical experts return from Laos, mission finished

Representing the Chinese side, 12 Yunnan medical experts aiding Laos in the fight against Covid-19 returned to the provincial capital of Kunming on April 12, after finishing their mission there. ...


Xi: Cooperation, solidarity key to contagion fight

An article by Xi on global solidarity and cooperation to combat the COVID-19 pandemic was published on Thursday in the Qiushi Journal, the flagship magazine of the CPC Central Committee....


Housing, income improve in Juhe Village, east Yunnan

In tackling poverty in rural areas, Yunnan has renovated the dilapidated houses, while ensuring the villagers’ basic needs in food, clothing, education and medical care....


Tibetan nature reserve to install videos to monitor wildlife

Tibet autonomous region plans to install a video monitoring system in the Qiangtang Nature Reserve, a move to step up wildlife protection, People's Daily reported Thursday....


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