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Tibetan Dragon provides sound Shangri-La food to tourists

"The products here are of high quality," said a lady tourist surnamed Wang at a product-showcasing store of the Tibetan Dragon Bioengineering Development Company in northwest Yunnan's Shangri-La City on August 17....


Goodness, truth and beauty: See today’s Shangri-La

Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, where Shangri-La lies, will mark its 60th founding anniversary in September. On the occasion, Yunnan Daily reporters visited major temples and church where people live in harmony to pursue goodness, truth and beauty....


Shangri-La Beer: A taste of highland barley and Swiss craft

“It is quite beyond us that Shangri-La produces such refined beer,” exclaimed visitors at the Shangri-La Highland Craft Brewery on August 17....


Rural tourism enriches ethnic minorities in Weixi County

As an essential content of holistic tourism, rural recreational tourism has increased the income of local ethic minorities in Weixi County....


In pics: Kunming students begin new semester with tradition, innovation

Today (September 3) marks the school opening day for primary and secondary schools in Kunming, Yunnan Province....


60 years after founding, what changes have taken place in Diqing

Twenty-six ethnic groups live in Yunnan. The different ethnic groups and their colorful costumes add to the variety and richness of Yunnan’s culturescape. ...


Hydro resettlement projects in Diqing win praise from folks

"The resettlement meeting yesterday lasted till midnight, and I am reassured that no complain has been publicly made by the water resettlers over the past years," said Ma Shiming....


Xi inspects military, stresses training, war preparedness

Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, has stressed efforts to strengthen the military training and war preparedness of the armed forces....


China, ASEAN committed to advancing trade

Beerlao may not be a household name in China when it comes to alcoholic drinks, but over just a few years, the beer brand from Laos has gained a strong following for its distinct flavor....


Top political advisor stresses ethnic unity, religious harmony, social stability

Wang made the remarks while examining work related to ethnic and religious affairs and poverty alleviation in the Tibetan-inhabited areas in southwest China's Yunnan Province....


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