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Xi's thought on diplomacy shares visions

As the international situation becomes increasingly uncertain, diplomats and experts said Xi Jinping Thought on diplomacy is of great significance in coping with global challenges....


Xi hails executives' faith in growth, pledges reform

China will keep deepening reform and expanding opening-up and provide a better business environment for the investment and business development of Chinese and foreign enterprises....


Eleven Tibetan antelope calves rescued in Hol Xil

Patrollers have rescued eleven Tibetan antelope calves during the reproduction and migration season of the animal at the Zhuonai Lake protection station in Hol Xil, northwest China's Qinghai Province....


Region should be on high alert to moves of US spoiling, saboteuring

Which is perhaps why US administrations like to show off the country's naval power whenever things are not going well at home....


Snowfall hits Shangri-La in late spring

A snowfall happened in Shangri-La, northwest Yunnan’s Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture on April 25, with the temperature going down to only 3-8 degrees Celsius....


Lahu village in SW Yunnan has a new look

Located on the Bulang mountains in southwest Yunnan’s Menghai County, the Manban Sandui natural village used to be known for its impoverishment. Of the Lahu folks in 17 households, all are illiterate....


Locals act against plastic waste in Tibet

Dressed in camouflage and a blue vest, Samdrub squeezed a ragged, dusty blouse into a woven sack bulging with broken beer bottles, crushed biscuit tins, plastics and other garbage....


Experts: Get China-US ties back on track

Washington needs to adopt a more rational and pragmatic policy toward Beijing to get the worsening bilateral ties back on the right track for the long-term benefit of the two nations and the world, officials and experts said....


China warns of repercussions for US 'HK act'

China condemned the United States on Wednesday after US President Donald Trump signed the "Hong Kong Autonomy Act" into law, and said it will take countermeasures to safeguard its legitimate interests....


Online wild fungus sales form a trend in Yunnan

The wild fungus is the gift of nature brought by the rainy season. It is the favorite delicacy to folks of Yunnan every summer. Nowadays, it has been sold to the world through digital channels....


Yunnan prevents spread of locust swarms

​Southwest China's Yunnan Province is beefing up efforts to prevent the spread of locust swarms that have been reported in some parts of the province since June 28....


Chinese enterprises ramp up digital procurement

Chinese enterprises' spending on digitalization services and products is expected to exceed 1 trillion yuan ($142.9 billion) for the first time this year, as companies accelerate digital transformation while battling COVID-19, a new report said....


Slender-billed vulture spotted in SW Yunnan

The forest police in southwest Yunnan’s Jinggu County recently rescued a large bird, which, experts say, turned out to be the slender-billed vulture, an endangered species. It’s the first time that the bird was spotted in the province....


Top political advisor stresses consolidation of Tibet's enduring peace, stability

China's top political advisor Wang Yang has stressed continuous efforts to consolidate the foundations of enduring peace and stability in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region....


Xi calls for solidarity in fighting virus

China stands ready to strengthen cooperation with the international community, including Singapore and Thailand, in fighting the novel coronavirus pandemic and jointly promoting global public health security....


Tibet completes first aerial afforestation project

Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region recently completed its first aerial afforestation project, according to the regional forestry and grassland bureau on Monday....


Yu Youdeng has a brand new life in Nujiang prefecture

"Aimadi means a place without flat land, and it’s hard for us to carry materials there to build a new house,” said Yu. “So we have to leave Aimadi, which is far away the Fugong county seat.” ...


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