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Tibet makes progress in compulsory education

China's Tibet autonomous region has been gaining significant achievements with its nine-year compulsory education over the last decade, China Tibet News reported on Wednesday. ...


State ceremony held for Nanjing Massacre victims

The State ceremony for the National Memorial Day for Nanjing Massacre Victims is held at the memorial hall for the massacre victims in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, Dec 13, 2019....


Shangri-La road builder moves audience in south China

The current Balagezong scenic area, where Sina Dingzhu was born, used to be a Tibetan village cut off from the civilizations outside....


Tibet provided 60,000 new jobs in 2019

China's Tibet autonomous region has created more 60,000 new jobs in 2019, with the employment rate standing at 75.5 percent, China Tibet News reported on Tuesday....


Kunming holds 2019 Lancang-Mekong Region Tourism Cooperation Work Meeting

The 2019 Lancang-Mekong Region Tourism Cooperation Working Meeting was held in Kunming in China’s southwestern Yunnan province on Nov. 15....


Spectacular golden glow on the Meili Snow Mountains

On the early morning of Dec. 9th, the first ray of sunshine casts a golden glow on the Meili Snow Mountains, gradually forming a splendid landscape. ...


Kunming’s 35-year romance with seagulls

According to his experience from previous years, this heralds the annual return of Siberian seagulls that have been traveling to Kunming for a warmer winter over the last 35 years. ...


Tibet trains more high-level talents forTibetan medicine

Lin Xianjia, who graduated in 1992, is now the dean, professor, and doctoral supervisor of the Tibetan Medicine School at Qinghai University and has become an expert in Tibetan medicine....


​Chinese yam harvested in Weixi County

Priced around 30 yuan per kilogram, the Chinese yam is a popular winter food for locals in Diqing prefecture, and the pork-yam dish is also liked by tourists in the region. ...


7.686 billion yuan paid to ecological zones in Yunnan

As of August in 2019, Yunnan has paid a total of 7.686 billion yuan to the functioning zones across the province, a record-high increase of 24.7% over the past 6 years....


Tsao-ko planting enriches villagers in Gongshan County

Mr. Fang Xinming and his family members were harvesting the amomum tsao-ko, an edible ginger-like plant that is also used medicinally. ...


Tibetan Opera sings through the ages

Tibetan Opera was included in the first batch of national-level intangible cultural heritage in 2006, three years before its recognition by UNESCO....


Enchanting view of national park in Yunnan

It is notably home to vulnerable black-necked cranes, many rare and beautiful orchids, and Himalayan Yew, a coniferous tree whose extracts are a source of the anticancer drug, paclitaxel....


Steed, snail awards spur poverty relieve in Weixi

It was sunny day in early November when villagers were having a lively talk with visiting Yunnan Daily reporters at a little courtyard in Weixi....


Rise of e-commerce makes its mark in Tibet

Even villagers near Qomolangma, known as Mount Everest in the West, can receive packages from locally-based courier companies, like Cainiao. ​...


China improves rank on Climate Change Performance Index

"If China implements its extensive plans for new coal-fired power plants, there is a risk of a severe relapse to the bottom of the ranking," they warned....


Yunnan launches program to protect minority languages

The languages spoken by eight ethnic groups in Southwest China's Yunnan province will be recorded and preserved for the protection of traditional culture, local authorities said....


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