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Tibet leads China in income growth rate in 2019

Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region saw robust growth in residents' incomes last year, the regional statistics bureau said Wednesday....


Yunnan medical experts return from Laos, mission finished

Representing the Chinese side, 12 Yunnan medical experts aiding Laos in the fight against Covid-19 returned to the provincial capital of Kunming on April 12, after finishing their mission there. ...


Xi: Cooperation, solidarity key to contagion fight

An article by Xi on global solidarity and cooperation to combat the COVID-19 pandemic was published on Thursday in the Qiushi Journal, the flagship magazine of the CPC Central Committee....


Housing, income improve in Juhe Village, east Yunnan

In tackling poverty in rural areas, Yunnan has renovated the dilapidated houses, while ensuring the villagers’ basic needs in food, clothing, education and medical care....


Tibetan nature reserve to install videos to monitor wildlife

Tibet autonomous region plans to install a video monitoring system in the Qiangtang Nature Reserve, a move to step up wildlife protection, People's Daily reported Thursday....


IMF fears worst recession since 1930s

The IMF said the global economy is projected to contract by 3 percent this year, and the COVID-19 pandemic would send global growth into its deepest recession since the Great Depression in the 1930s....


Leaders voice support for WHO's role

A statement issued from the summit said the G20 leaders "fully support and commit to further strengthening the WHO's mandate in coordinating the international fight against the pandemic"....


Peeling fruits, Yunnan sales girl makes a hit on Taobao

Wearing Bai costumes and a sweet smile, Ms. Ma Lingmin is a "post-1995" girl from west Yunnan’s Dali prefecture, and she is nicknamed "Yunnan Xiaohua/little flower" on the Taobao online market place. ...


Yunnan medical experts arrive in Yangon

The 12-membered Chinese medical team includes medical experts from several hospitals from Yunnan province in the fields of infectious control and prevention. ...


Xi urges joint effort in virus fight

He made the remark in a telephone conversation with Finnish President Sauli Niinisto. Xi also had telephone calls with the presidents of Serbia and Kyrgyzstan....


Yunnan photographer records golden Myanmar during trips

At the end of 2019, Chinese photographer Yan Xiao shot a video coupled with the Myanmar language at the Yangon International Airport right before his return trip from Myanmar....


Spring scenery in Lhasa, Tibet

The Potala Palace is seen through peach blossom in Lhasa, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, April 7, 2020. ...


Xi calls for renewed friendship with Indonesia

China and Indonesia share broad common interests at bilateral, regional and multilateral levels, and the potential for bilateral cooperation remains huge, he added....


Yunnan media releases English song to boost public morale

Amid the global battle against the Covid-19, Yunnan Media Group joined hands with Chinese pop stars in creating an English song called Fight as One. ...


Tibetan city releases over 560 tonnes of oxygen through afforestation

Lhasa, capital of Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region, releases 563.47 tonnes of oxygen each year through its afforestation project, according to the city's forestry and grassland bureau....


Efforts going on to block chemical leak in Yunnan

Firefighters are speeding up their efforts to stop a chemical leak that happened Friday in southwest China's Yunan Province....


9th, 12th graders in Yunnan resume classes orderly

The ninth and twelfth graders at the junior and senior high schools across Yunnan Province returned to the campus on March 23....


Glossy ibis appears at Dianchi lakeside again

A glossy ibis was recently spotted by a member of the Yunnan Wild Bird Association in a wetland park near the Dianchi Lake, Kunming City. ...


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