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Translation of Tibetan folk epic almost complete

Researchers in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region said Wednesday that they had completed over 80 percent of the Chinese translation of "The Epic of King Gesar."...


Cultural exchanges with DPRK stressed

Xi Jinping emphasized on Sunday the importance of art and cultural exchanges with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea....


Tibet nomads give support to relocation plan

Ecological protection efforts in the Tibet autonomous region have presented nomadic herdsmen with a perplexing challenge....


Xi and his wife meet senior DPRK official

Xi said he and Kim had reached important consensus on the development of China-DPRK party-to-party and state-to-state relations in the new era during their four meetings since 2018....


Tuoding Bridge to reopen to traffic in late January

Reconstruction of the Tuoding Bridge over the Jinsha River section in Diqing is expected to end on January 26, with traffic over the bridge to be resumed on January 30....


Tibetan learning base established in Shenzhen

The Rangtang Zambala Intangible Cultural Training Base of Shenzhen was also established at the Shenzhen Ci Aigu Cultural Park....


Spring Festival gala in Yangon to celebrate friendship

A transnational Spring Festival gala, themed Celebration of China-Myanmar Friendship, got started in Myanmar's Yangon on Saturday evening....


Global vision presented in Davos speech

Vice-President Wang Qishan’s speech on Wednesday at the 2019 annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, was well received....


In pic: Doctor treks on mountain paths to treat people in NW Yunnan

Medical workers walk on a mountain path in Bingzhongluo Township in Lisu Autonomous Prefecture of Nujiang, southwest China's Yunnan Province, Jan. 12, 2019. ...


Enchanting snowscape in Shangri-La, Diqing prefecture

Recent online pictures show the enchanting snowscape in Shangri-La City, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in northwest Yunnan....


Xi calls for decisive results in reform

President Xi Jinping called for decisive results to be achieved in reform over key areas by 2020 as he presided over a meeting of senior officials on deepening reform on Wednesday....


Water quality of Dianchi Lake improved in Kunming

Aerial photo taken on Jan. 20, 2019 shows the Dianchi Lake, the largest fresh water lake on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, in Kunming, Yunnan Province....


'Mother lake' in Yunnan sees best water quality in 30 years

The city government of Kunming, capital of Southwest China’s Yunnan province, has said the Dianchi Lake’s water quality is the best it has been in three decades....


Yunnan foreign trade up by 24.7% in 2018

Yunnan's foreign trade volume in 2018 amounted to 197.3 billion yuan (around 29.22 billion U.S. dollars), a year-on-year increase of 24.7%....


Xi extends Spring Festival greetings to military veterans

President Xi Jinping on Tuesday extended his Spring Festival greetings to military veterans and retired military officials....


China leads creative economy growth

China is poised to expand its global dominance of trade in creative goods and services in such areas as film, television and artificial intelligence, according to a new UN report....


Tibet's service trade export exceeds 100 mln USD

The service trade export of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region exceeded 100 million U.S. dollars in 2018, authorities said Thursday....


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