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Yunnan companies, heritages make a hit at CIIE

On the first two days of this expo, quite a few projects and agreements were signed between Yunnan companies and their counterparts from home and abroad....


Shangri-La highlighted at int’l travel fair

At the “World’s Shangri-La” exhibition area in Hall 9, Diqing displayed unique Tibetan customs, beautiful scenic areas, cultural heritages and artistic performances. ...


Tibet builds meteorological stations in poverty-stricken areas

The climate in Tibet is complicated. For years, the region has faced great difficulties in preventing meteorological disasters due to the lack of observation stations....


Macadamia grower leads Yunnan villagers out of poverty

Bi Jiafu, 69, may not be able to locate Australia on a map, but he is an expert at cultivating macadamia nuts, a tree nut indigenous to the land down under....


US told to stop meddling in HK affairs

The United States Senate's passage of the so-called Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act of 2019 has prompted strong opposition and protest from China....


Tibet boosts supply of water in rural areas

The department said currently the region's central water supply rate is 91.82 percent, and the region's tap running water supply rate reached 75.6 percent....


Chinese President Xi Jinping sends message to Project Hope

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday sent a message to Project Hope as the public welfare program marks its 30th anniversary this year....


Part of Shangli-La-Lijiang free way to open to traffic

With workers busy with slopes and fences, the Yison-Xiaozhongdian section of the Shangli-La-Lijiang free way is expected to open to traffic by the end of December....


Xi: A champion of multilateralism in a world of contradictions

lobal challenges from regional conflicts and terrorism to widening income gaps and climate change have nudged humanity to a crossroads of conflicting solutions: globalization or anti-globalization, multilateralism or unilateralism, integration or isolation....


Xi's visit to Greece, Brazil widely praised

The trip extended China's hand toward Europe and emerging markets to strengthen win-win cooperation and promote multilateralism, they said....


Educational informationization seen in Shangri-La

Since the precision poverty alleviation was carried out, Shangri-La City in Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture has in recent years seen educational progress. ...


Study reveals how Tibetan people adapt to high altitude

Genome sequencing involves cutting DNA into pieces, reading the fragments and then using a computer to patch the sequence together....


Water quality at Dianchi Lake improved after 30 years of efforts

Dianchi Lake is the largest freshwater lake on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau in southwestern China. However, in the late 1980s, it became murky....


Xi: BRI helping Chinese, Greek people

The China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative is not an empty slogan but a successful practice and a brilliant reality, President Xi Jinping said during a visit to the Port of Piraeus in Greece on Monday....


Lao actors learn acrobatics in China

At the request of the Lao National Acrobatic Troupe, the Ministry of Commerce of China provided training for eight Lao acrobatic actors in 2016....


New airport apron goes into operation in Tibet

The new apron of Gongkar Airport in Lhasa, capital of Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region started operating on Sunday, when it welcomed its first flight from Tibet Airlines, Tibet Daily reported....


Xi to visit Greece, attend BRICS Summit

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Xi will make a state visit to Greece and then attend the 11th BRICS Summit in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, from Sunday to next Friday....


Discounts give push to Tibet tourism

In November 2018, the region received 378,031 tourists, up 137 percent year-on-year, and in December 2018, it saw 903,933 tourists, a 252 percent increase, said the department....


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