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Spring scenery in Lhasa, Tibet

The Potala Palace is seen through peach blossom in Lhasa, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, April 7, 2020. ...


Xi calls for renewed friendship with Indonesia

China and Indonesia share broad common interests at bilateral, regional and multilateral levels, and the potential for bilateral cooperation remains huge, he added....


Yunnan media releases English song to boost public morale

Amid the global battle against the Covid-19, Yunnan Media Group joined hands with Chinese pop stars in creating an English song called Fight as One. ...


Tibetan city releases over 560 tonnes of oxygen through afforestation

Lhasa, capital of Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region, releases 563.47 tonnes of oxygen each year through its afforestation project, according to the city's forestry and grassland bureau....


Efforts going on to block chemical leak in Yunnan

Firefighters are speeding up their efforts to stop a chemical leak that happened Friday in southwest China's Yunan Province....


9th, 12th graders in Yunnan resume classes orderly

The ninth and twelfth graders at the junior and senior high schools across Yunnan Province returned to the campus on March 23....


Glossy ibis appears at Dianchi lakeside again

A glossy ibis was recently spotted by a member of the Yunnan Wild Bird Association in a wetland park near the Dianchi Lake, Kunming City. ...


Religious sites begin resuming operations in Tibet

Lhasa, capital of Tibet autonomous region, has resumed the operations of 214 religious sites in rural areas since Tuesday, as the COVID-19 outbreak has basically been brought under control in the region....


Xi hails role of community workers

During his visit he spoke with community workers, police officers, doctors, officials and volunteers at Donghu Xincheng residential community in Wuhan, capital of Hubei province....


Int’l students in Yunnan share tips against Covid-19

So far, China has basically brought the Covid-19 under control. In Kunming, blossoms are here and there, and businesses are trying to regain the momentum....


Scenery of Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Canyon in Tibet

Photos taken on April 1, 2020 show peach blossoms along the Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Canyon, known as the world's deepest canyon, in Tibet Autonomous Region....


Xi: Prepare for effects of world's woes

Xi made the remarks while delivering a speech at a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee....


Clean energy powers poverty relieve in Yuanmou

Now, the company pays villagers an annual land rent of 230,000 yuan, and those who are willing to help in weed control in the hills can each earn an extra income of 120 yuan per day. ...


More Tibetans get safe drinking water

Tibet met the drinking water goal of its Five-Year Plan (2016-20) a year early. More than 99 percent of rural residents now have accesses to safe drinking water....


Wuhan reopens after 76-day lockdown

"If I had COVID-19, I'd want to be treated in China," he said. "They know and they care about keeping people alive, and they do it successfully."...


Tibet improves drinking water safety for rural residents

Thanks to these efforts, about 99 percent of rural residents have access to safe drinking water, the regional water conservancy department said....


Yunnan highly alert to Covid-19 cases from land, water

Yunnan provincial Party committee and government issued the No. 15 notice Tuesday to prevent new cases from entering the province through land crossings and water ways. ...


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