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China successfully identified a fragment of a skull that belongs to an ancient human being who lived about 200,000 years ago, scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences said, adding that the discovery will significantly contribute to human evolution studies at the renowned Zhoukoudian site....



A committee of 25 international experts has determined that aspartame may "possibly" cause cancer in people, according to a report released Thursday by the World Health Organization....


Top News丨Premier stresses importance of global growth

Premier Li Qiang has stressed the importance of making concerted efforts in resuming world economic growth and addressing global challenges, ahead of the 14th Annual Meeting of the New Champions, also known as the Summer Davos Forum....


Xi: Nations welcome to share opportunities

President Xi Jinping reaffirmed on Tuesday Beijing's commitment to high-level opening-up, advancing Belt and Road cooperation and upholding true multilateralism, during separate meetings with heads of government from four countries....


Top News丨Global firms invited to explore China

Premier Li Qiang invited multinational companies on Tuesday to explore more opportunities for cooperation in China, saying the country will create greater global stability and security as it pursues high-quality development....


Xi lauds youths as hope of nation, CPC

Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, called on Monday for the new central leadership of the Communist Youth League of China to better rally the nation's younger generation around the Party and make persistent efforts toward national rejuvenation....


the 24 solar terms|The Tibetan anchor of Diqing Daily spoke of the solar terms :Frost's Descent

Frost's Descent is the 18th solar term of the 24 solar terms. ...


The grass is turning green in Napa Lake



Xiaozhongdian Town: Singing and dancing to celebrate Dala Farmers' Harvest Festival.

Dala Festival "is a traditional folk festival in Xiaozhongdian Town,This Harvest Festival activities consists of characteristic agricultural product exhibitions, exciting cultural performances, horse racing activities, traditional Tibetan clothing wearing competitions, and bonfire parties, presenting a grtifying scene of the harvest....


Shangeri-La Discovered Isoetes hypsophila

Recently, researchers from the Shangri-La Alpine Botanical Garden and the Kunming Arboretum of the Yunnan Academy of Forestry and Grassland Sciences discovered a national level key protected wild plant,the Isoetes hypsophila, which is a very small population of wild plants in Yunnan Province....


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