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Xi highlights common prosperity

The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, which is due to be held later this year, is widely regarded as an important event that will usher in a new journey of comprehensively building China into a modern socialist country....


Internet becomes a part of People's Life

The shangri-la City of Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan province intensifies network infrastructure construction since the 18th CPC National Congress.The Internet has become a part of people's life....


Xi sends message of condolence to Egypt

President Xi Jinping sent a message of condolence to Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi on Tuesday over a massive fire at a church in Egypt that left at least 41 dead and 12 injured....


Warm tips in Mushroom season

Summer is the wild mushroom season in Yunnan .Recognize the poisonous mushroom is very necessary.There are many incidents accured because of eating poisonous mushroom every year....


Xi praises Anhui 'Good Samaritans' outstanding work

President Xi Jinping has replied with a letter to two grassroots model workers from a scenic spot in Anhui province, encouraging them to influence more people with their "positive energy"....


PLA launches joint military operations around Taiwan island

The People's Liberation Army (PLA) Eastern Theater Command has launched a series of military operations near Taiwan island starting from the night of August 2....


Xi: Safeguard rural heritage of the world

President Xi Jinping underlined on Monday the importance of protecting agricultural heritage systems, saying that China is ready to work with the international community in contributing to the realization of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development....


Diqing Shangri-la airport opens Matsutake season air line

The SF Airlines(Shunfeng) finished the first matsutake air line from Diqing—Kunming—Hangzhou on 12 July,2022.The first air line delivers matsutake about 9 tons from Diqing airport this year....


Homemade Barley wine

Larong Zhuma ,a tibetan girl from Union village in Xiaozhongdian town of Shangri-la city,is checking barley alcohol at her Samuda Barley wine shop....


Dress show people's happy life in Diqing

The life's quality has been changed completely after poverty elimination campaign in Diqing hignland,and these changes hiddened in the daily dresses....


Summer Time at Napa lake

Summer tempreture keeps around 21 degree average at Shangri-la of Diqing highland,Yunnan province.It is one of the best cities to escape summer heat....


Official stresses key role of Xi's economic thought

Xi Jinping's economic thought has been playing a significant role in steering the Chinese economy, as it experiences strong resilience with plenty of policy tools to deal with downward pressures, said officials and experts....


Xi calls for exchanges among civilizations

President Xi Jinping called for exchanges and mutual learning among different civilizations, underlining the need to replace estrangement with exchanges, clashes with mutual learning and superiority with coexistence, and to build a community with a shared future for mankind....


Guozhuang Dance of Jiantang

Guozhuang dance is one of the traditional tibetan dance of Jiantang town which performs by local women and men during festivals or wedding day.It is also an important platform and inheritance form of Tibetan culture,which called "living fossil" of Tibetan folk dances and sings....


Shangri-la Matsutake Season is coming

Shangri-la,located on the northwest of Yunnan province, is one of the biggest four matsutake production region in China .The matsutake pick season usually from Begining of July to end of September.It is also a major source of incomes for local people in a year.Shangri-la matsutakes will be sold to all over China and oversea during this season.we will transport the fresh matsutake to you in the 24 hours by our Shunfeng(SF)Express,according to the staff of SF Express....


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