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Tibetan almanac steps into era of digitalization

The owner is a Tibetan man called Yumba, a graduate of Harvard University and a renowned Tibetan astrological academician. He is the deputy head of the Tibet Medical and Astrology Institute....


Xi emphasizes 'putting people first' in governance

"We all feel that our country has made people's lives, health and safety the top priority in the face of an unprecedented epidemic," she said....


I’d live to be 100 years old, says granny in SW Yunnan

“I’m so happy now and I’d like to live to be 100 years old,” said Li Maixiu, a granny aged 85. During a recent interview with Yunnan Daily reporters....


Cycle of life at base of world's highest mountain

At dawn, Dorje puts on a heavy cotton coat and a hat, carries a bag on his back and walks out of his house into the vast alpine meadows....


Xi stresses strengthening national defense, armed forces

Chinese President Xi Jinping Tuesday stressed achieving the targets and missions of strengthening the national defense and armed forces for 2020, while maintaining effective epidemic control on a regular basis....


Chinese NGOs send int'l supplies to the needy amid Covid-19

The China NGO Network for International Exchanges initiated the silk-road joint actions against the Covid-19 in March, calling on the Chinese non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to provide assistance....


Transition camp connects base camp and advance camp on Mount Qomolangma

Photo taken on May 19, 2020 shows a rubbish station set on the north slope of the Mount Qomolangma. At an altitude of 5,800 meters, the transition camp is an important stop connecting the base camp and the advance camp....


Rescue teams race to help after Yunnan earthquake

Rescue teams and necessary supplies were rushed to the epicenter of Zhaotong in Yunnan province to support residents after a magnitude-5 earthquake jolted the city late on Monday....


Nation well-placed to meet modern challenges

A centralized political system such as China's may be better equipped than Western liberal democracies to meet the challenges of the 21st century, according to leading experts....


Home-stay inns enrich villagers in Jiangpo, Diqing prefecture

With the Meili Snow Mountain sitting opposite and the Lancang River rushing through, the village is endowed with scenic beauty. However, it used to be cut off from the outside world, and villagers were impoverished....


Seeking fortune in Tibetan opera masks

Tibetan opera combines talking, singing, acting, dancing and literature, and has a history of over 600 years. It is regarded as a "living fossil" of Tibetan culture....


5-magnitude quake hits China's Yunnan, no casualties reported

​A 5-magnitude earthquake hit Qiaojia County in southwest China's Yunnan Province at 9:47 p.m. Monday, according to the China Earthquake Networks Center (CENC)....


China's national legislature starts annual session

Attendees at the meeting paid a silent tribute to martyrs who died fighting COVID-19 and compatriots who lost their lives in the epidemic....


Five new animal species discovered in Yunnan

Chinese researchers have discovered five new animal species in southwest China's Yunnan Province, according to a report by the Science and Technology Daily....


Villagers in Shidian county better off via tea-growing

In late spring, the newly-built resettlement site at the Jianshan village in southwest Yunnan’s Shidian County is surrounded by lush tea gardens, and the houses show typical Bulang and Yi ethnic features. ...


Mt. Qomolangma remeasuring team to reach summit on May 22

A team of Chinese remeasuring surveyors left the base camp at Mount Qomolangma for a higher spot on its journey to the peak at 2 pm Saturday after they had earlier returned there due to bad weather....


Xi orders fortifying public health protection network

President Xi Jinping stressed fortifying the public health protection network when participating in a deliberation at the annual national legislative session....


Farmers in Liming harvest garlic, earning over 100 yuan daily

April is the season of garlic harvesting in Liming township, northwest Yunnan’s Lijiang City, and famers were digging out grown garlic bulbs and packing them up for an agro-company. ...


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