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COP15 rescheduled for next year in Kunming

The 15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity has been rescheduled to be held in Kunming, Southwest China's Yunnan province, from May 17 to 30 next year....


In pics: living environment improves in east Yunnan

Through efforts in housing security, garbage treatment, "toilet revolution", the once-shabby villages are now presenting visitors band new looks....


Yunnan: night falls and happy time begins

As the Covid-19 epidemic is largely brought under control in China, urban nightlife has returned to normal. In Southwest China's Yunnan province, economic activities at night feature eating, learning, entertaining, and more....


Strawberries lift Tibetan villagers out of poverty

All villagers in Juphar in Nyingchi city in the Tibet autonomous region have planted strawberry in their greenhouses as a source of income, which leads to a better life....


President promotes PLA officer to rank of general

President Xi Jinping promoted Xu Zhongbo, political commissar of the People's Liberation Army Rocket Force, to the rank of general on Wednesday....


China stresses stabilizing foreign trade and investment

The State Council on Wednesday stressed efforts to further open up and keep foreign trade and investment stable, as well as to facilitate employment and ensure people's livelihood amid epidemic control....


Yunnan mangos exported to Russia for the first time

A China-Europe freight train carrying 15 tons fresh mangos produced in northwest Yunnan’s Huaping county entered Russia on July 21 from the Manzhouli land port, marking a breakthrough in the export of the Huaping mango. ...


Xiaokang life: Bee-keeping enriches Yao village in S Yunnan

Na’metian is a Yao village in south Yunnan’s Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture. To help the poor villagers, the provincial taxation officers joined hands with the Dianyunmiyu bio-company, offering them beehives and technical training in apiculture....


Tibetan antelopes seen at Qiangtang nature reserve

Photos taken on July 17, 2020 shows Tibetan antelopes grazing near Rongmar Township of Nyima County at the Qiangtang National Nature Reserve in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. ...


Xi urges AIIB to engage more partners

"This is a typical example of the AIIB's power of action. The global response to COVID-19 has made it clear that mankind rises and falls together in a community with a shared future," Xi said....


Majority Tibetan population continues to grow

"In 2010, Tibet's migrant population was 8.73 percent of the region's population. The national average is 19.58 percent," Fang said....


CPC-led China firmly on path to prosperity

When the novel coronavirus pandemic broke out, the CPC led the Chinese people to successfully contain the virus in a short time and restart economic activities....


Shangri-La city to further combine ecological, economic benefits

The city will concede about 133 hectares of farmland to forestry, and cap the number of its nonmetal mines at 50 by the end of the year, said Dorje, mayor of Shangri-La....


Xi expected to support AIIB in financing recovery

The AIIB has become an important strength in promoting regional economic recovery, and China's offering of more support policies to the bank will bolster the momentum in this regard...


Ministry dispatches team to control locust plague in Yunnan

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has sent a working group to the southwestern Yunnan province to control the bamboo locust plague. ...


Phayre's leaf monkey released into the wild in Yunnan

A Phayre's leaf monkey that recently entered a forestry area in Jingdong County, Puer City, in southwest China's Yunnan Province, has been released into the wild....


Sanskrit manuscripts from Tibet a 'treasure'

Sanskrit manuscripts from the Tibetan autonomous region are properly identified as "one of humanity's greatest treasures", an expert said at a cultural heritage event in Beijing last week....


President extends Army Day greetings

President Xi Jinping urged on Thursday optimizing training for future Chinese military pilots to increase their fighting capability in modern aerial warfare....


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