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Xi's diplomacy bolsters epidemic fight

Phone talks, meetings with foreign leaders boost international confidence....


In pics: How Kunming gets through COVID-19 outbreak in the past month

In the past month, Kunming has managed to get through the stormy COVID-19 outbreak. Pictures taken by a Yunnan Daily reporter show the typical scenes happened in the capital city of Yunnan province....


Customized train carries Yunnan migrants to Guangdong

A staff member distributes protective materials to workers before their departure for south China's Guangdong Province in Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture....


Spectacular golden glow on the Meili Snow Mountains

On the early morning of Dec. 9th, the first ray of sunshine casts a golden glow on the Meili Snow Mountains, gradually forming a splendid landscape. ...


Yunnan spends big on protection of plateau lakes

Authorities have invested heavily in a protection and restoration project for nine plateau lakes in southwest China's Yunnan Province....


Tibet calls on citizens to reduce Tibetan New Year activities

Authorities in Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region called on citizens not to hold or participate in group activities during the Tibetan New Year, which falls on Feb 24....


Number of Yunnan medics to Hubei exceeds 1,100

Following the 6th batch of 151 medical workers who left Kunming for Hubei on Feb. 19, another 176 Yunnan medics just departed for the epidemic-hit province this afternoon. ...


Sichuan's Tibetan areas farewell poverty

Another 16 counties in the Tibetan areas in southwest China's Sichuan Province have been removed from the country's list of impoverished counties, local authorities said....


WHO calls China's antivirus effort 'aggressive, agile'

While the substantial recent slowdown in the spread of novel coronavirus in China is real, and it is now reasonable to restore work activities step by step....


Chartered coaches help Yunnan migrants return to work

Amid the COVID-19 prevention and control, Yunnan province has offered local migrants chartered free coaches, helping them return to work and production in the developed coastal Chinese provinces....


Medical staff from Tibet head for Hubei to combat outbreak

The medical team brought 5,000 N95 surgical masks, 100 medical protective suits, 200 pairs of protective glasses and Tibetan medicine to help combat the outbreak....


Xi sets out major tasks for officials

President Xi Jinping set out eight requirements at a key meeting held on Sunday, including taking more targeted tax-cut measures and stabilizing employment....


Yunnan raises over 1.3 million out of poverty

The per capita net income of farmers in Yunnan’s poverty-stricken areas rose from 2,744.43 yuan in 2015 to 9,294.49 yuan in 2019, added Huang. ...


Xi encourages Tibet medical students

Xi made the remark in a letter on Friday to the students who are interning at Peking University Shougang Hospital in Beijing....


Yunnan sends 809 medical workers to Hubei

As of Feb. 16, Yunnan has sent a total of 809 medical workers to central China’s Hubei province, which is the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak....


Dali-Lijiang freeway wins national golden award

The Dali-Lijiang freeway in northwest Yunnan was granted a golden award recently, standing out among the 671 excellent projects, which were selected for the national awarding event....


Guideline aims to help more orphans

For years, children whose parents were either incarcerated or undergoing drug rehabilitation have struggled in the care of other relatives, who are often poor and negligent....


Senior Party member in Weixi dies amid anti-virus battle

Qiao Sheng, a senior Party member in the Chuanda village of Tacheng Town, Weixi County, passed away on February 12 due to overwork amid the on-going anti-epidemic battle....


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