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Mobile's 5G tech soars to new heights

A line of 46 yaks laden with telecom equipment in mid-April made its way toward the 6,500-meter-high Forward Camp on Mount Qomolangma, known as Mount Everest in the West....


Experts urge US to put end to blame game

The divide between Beijing and Washington amid the COVID-19 pandemic could be a hot topic at the upcoming two sessions-China's biggest annual political event. ...


Scientists report new findings on Himalaya tree-line

The tree-line or timberline is the high edge of the habitat at which trees can grow. Beyond the tree-line, they are unable to grow and are replaced by meadows as the conditions there are bad....


Sessions to show way ahead

Experts said that the nation's biggest annual political event will indicate the direction of its socioeconomic development amid the COVID-19 pandemic....


31 counties in Yunnan province cast off poverty

A new batch of 31 county-level regions in southwest China's Yunnan Province shook off poverty amid the country's efforts to eradicate poverty by the end of 2020....


Mountains get seasonal cleaning in Tibet

More than 6 metric tons of waste was collected in three weeks on three mountains in the Tibet autonomous region, the region's sports bureau said on Monday....


Over 3,000 battling forest fire in Yunnan

More than 3,000 firefighters and other personnel were battling a fire that started Saturday in southwest China's Yunnan Province, local authorities said Tuesday....


Spokesman rebuts slander over COVID-19 response, aid to others

China dismissed accusations on Wednesday from some foreign politicians who smeared and slandered its efforts to fight COVID-19, saying such attempts will fail....


Government work report stresses poverty relief, digital economy

Governor Ruan Chengfa delivered the government work report on behalf of Yunnan Provincial People's Government, reviewing the work done in the past and laying out the goals for 2020....


Inspection uncovers environmental woes

They said 1,594 officials were summoned for environmental violations in those cases, and over 300 officials were held accountable for breaches. ...


Xi: China to share vaccine with world

China announced on Monday it will provide $2 billion over two years to help with COVID-19 response and with economic and social development in affected countries, especially developing countries....


Mt. Qomolangma remeasuring team to work on route to peak

On May 12, a total of 12 guides will depart from the camp at an altitude of 7,028 meters to transport materials to another camp....


Yunnan starts annual people's congress

The third session of the 13th Yunnan Provincial People's Congress, the province's legislature, opened on May 10 in Kunming, capital of Yunnan Province....


Yunnan to raise 10 bln yuan for health care

The plan aims to strengthen the province's abilities in infectious disease treatment, disease prevention and control, and other fields....


Xi calls for vigilance to combat virus

President Xi Jinping instructed local governments on Thursday to keep alert on disease prevention and control to avoid a resurgence of the novel coronavirus outbreak....


Summer beauty of terraced fields in Ximeng, SW Yunnan

As the summer comes, temperature begins to rise. Meanwhile, hundreds of acres of terraced rice fields in southwest Yunnan’s Ximeng Wa autonomous county has unveiled their beauty to visitors....


Yunnan to build up nighttime economic areas

5 pilot areas for night economy will be set on Nanping street and others, while another 15 commercial sites will be upgraded, said the guideline on promoting the nighttime economy....


Tibetan antelopes start annual migration to Hoh Xil

On April 30, the first group of 43 Tibetan antelopes passed the Qinghai-Tibet highway en route to Zonag Lake and other breeding areas in Hoh Xil, about a week earlier than last year....


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