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Nyingchi a nice way to get introduced to Tibet

My altitude sickness mysteriously disappeared when I arrived in the city of Nyingchi, Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region, after a six-hour road journey from Lhasa, the region's capital....


Officials urged to create safe, stable society

He called for building highly professional public security forces that are loyal to the Party, serve the people, promote impartiality in law enforcement and remain disciplined....


Tibetan drama "Hello, Zooma" taps into int'l market

Tibet's first animated drama to go global, "Hello, Zooma," has attracted customers from countries including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy and Germany....


Tibet shows it cares for a cleaner Mt Qomolangma

Namgyal carries some essential equipment along with him while working on the Tibetan plateau - a pair of gloves, a garbage clip and environmental bags. ...


Summit demonstrates China's leapfrog into digital ascendance

The second Digital China Summit opened Monday in eastern China's Fujian Province, shedding light on the latest information technologies that have penetrated the country's government, industries and society....


Aerial view of Baiku Co in Tibet

Baiku Co, with an elevation of 4,590 meters, is located on the border of Nyalam County and Jilong County. ...


Peng/Yang win doubles title at Kunming Tennis Open

Peng Shuai and Yang Zhaoxuan defeated their compatriots Duan Yingying/Han Xinyun 7-5, 6-2 to take the women's doubles title at the Kunming Tennis Open here on Sunday....


Investors eye expanded China portfolios for opening-up dividends

The "most exciting changes" in global capital market history are taking place in China's financial landscape, with heavyweight players vying for stronger presence and promising returns....


12 Tibetan monks receive Buddhism's highest degree

Twelve monks were awarded the degree of Geshe Lharampa Friday in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region....


In pics: enchanting clouds appear in Shangri-La

Colorful clouds form a signature of Yunnan, yet clouds in Shangri-La are even brighter at times because of the unique climate in this area....


China marks centenary of May Fourth Movement

China holds a ceremony to mark the centenary of the May Fourth Movement at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Tuesday ....


Xi congratulates Thai king on coronation

Chinese President Xi Jinping congratulated Thai King Maha Vajiralongkorn on being crowned officially on Saturday....


Training program launched in Yunnan to bolster LMC

Thirty-five participants from six Lancang-Mekong Cooperation (LMC) countries are attending a week-long training program in Kunming, capital of Yunnan Province....


Ancient Tibetan chessboard discovered in Sichuan

A Tibetan chessboard dating back to the Tibetan Tubo Kingdom more than 1,000 years ago, has been discovered in southwest China's Sichuan Province, local authorities said Wednesday....


Xi highlights ecology at exhibition's opening

China is ready to work with other countries to build a better community with a shared future for mankind, President Xi Jinping said on Sunday....


Amazing Yunnan embraces BRI

Southwest China's Yunnan province has effectively served the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in recent years by integrating into the Belt and Road construction, according to a news release in Beijing on April 24. ...


Opera on ancient princess benefits Tibet herdsmen

An opera based on the life of a Tang Dynasty (618-907) princess has become a surprise hit in the Tibet autonomous region....


Xi: Consensus to lead to common prosperity

The forum helped countries upgrade their concepts of cooperation, defined key areas and strengthened the mechanism to seek high-quality development of the BRI, he said....


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