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Chinese president meets U.S. trade representative, treasury secretary

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday met with U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who were here for a new round of China-U.S. high-level economic and trade consultations....


A family of pandas enjoy snow in Sichuan

Ai Li, the eight-year-old mother, rolled in piles of snow and kept licking it, while her twin male cubs, Ai Mi and Ai Lun, born June 16, 2018, were cautious at the sight of snow at first....


Black-necked cranes welcomed in Tibet

Every winter, black-necked cranes arrive in the Tibet autonomous region, where they are welcomed by locals and tourists....


New round of China-U.S. trade talks starts in Beijing

China and the United States started a new round of high-level economic and trade consultations in Beijing on Thursday morning....


Yunnan's GDP extends 8.9 pct in 2018

Yunnan's GDP reached about 1.79 trillion yuan (265 billion U.S. dollars) last year, according to the ongoing annual session of the provincial people's congress. ...


Water project to quench thirsty cities in Yunnan

The project, approved in March, aims to draw water from a section of the Jinsha River in Yunnan's northwest to its central cities, including Chuxiong, Yuxi and Kunming....


Mt. Laojun: where tourists scorn to change their state with kings

Laojun here refers to Laozi, the first philosopher of Chinese Daoism, and Mt. Laojun is so named because legend has it that Laozi once practiced alchemy in the mountain. ...


Station gears up for big holiday travel rush

Located in Qingchuan county in Sichuan province, Zhuyuanba is a small station on the Baoji-Chengdu Railway, a main line connecting northwestern and southwestern China....


Qinghai-Tibet Plateau has first 5G base station

China's Qinghai-Tibet Plateau recently had its first 5G base station opened in the city of Xining, Qinghai Province, according to the Qinghai subsidiary of telecom firm China Mobile....


Dianchi Lake takes steps toward cleanliness

Dianchi Lake, the biggest lake in Yunnan province, achieved its best water quality in at least three decades last year thanks to the local government's pollution control....


Xi envisions Sino-African cooperation

China stands ready to join hands with the African Union and African countries to promote cooperation related to the Belt and Road Initiative....


Nepalese consul: looking forward to Qinghai-Tibet Railway

I'm really looking forward that the Qinghai-Tibet Railway would reach the city of Gyirong on the China-Nepalese border, which will connect Kathmandu....


Xi Jinping extends Spring Festival greetings to Beijing residents

Chinese President Xi Jinping extended Spring Festival greetings to officials and residents at the grassroots level during an inspection tour in Beijing on Friday....


Water in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to be monitored by airship

Chinese researchers have used a huge floating airship to conduct water vapor observation at an altitude of over 6,200 meters in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, according to the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)....


Migratory black-headed gulls attract tourists to Kunming

​Tourists view black-headed gulls at Haigeng dam in Kunming, capital of southwest China's Yunnan Province, Jan. 1, 2019. Migratory black-headed gulls became an attraction for tourists during the New Year holiday....


Washington, Beijing kick off new round of trade talks

China and the United States started a fresh round of trade talks in Washington on Wednesday to address their differences on outstanding economic and trade issues....


Tibet to spend 4m yuan on Qomolangma cleanup

The number of climbers allowed to visit the mountainous region will also be limited to 200 every year, down from the previous 300....


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